services-chiropracticChiropractic Services

Using manual therapy techniques, our highly trained professionals will assess, diagnose, and treat you in order to improve your health through greater function. Our Chiropractors will address the cause of your issues and treat you accordingly with a wide array of techniques specific to your individual needs.

An ancient form of healing that utilizes small, sterile needles to balance ‘Qi’ or the body’s natural inner energy in order to reduce pain and swelling, decrease stress, and promote healing.


services-chiropracticsmallCustom Made Orthotics
After a thorough assessment and biomechanical assessment of your gait, our practitioners can design and create a custom orthotic device to align the foot and ankle into the most biomechanically advantageous position. Custom orthotics reduce the stress and strain at your feet, which reduces the amount of stress and strain that travels up through the knee, hip and back.

Patient EducationPatient Education

The fundamental pillar upon which the rest of the services we provide rest upon our ability to help you understand why you have pain. Our practitioners encourage you to ask questions so that you are fully aware of what structures are causing your pain, how the pain may have started, and the best way to avoid and prevent it in the future.

services-rehabTherapeutic and Rehabilitative Exercises

Exercises are absolutely essential to complete any treatment protocol. Whether it be simple stretches or resistance training to strength muscular imbalances, our practitioners will slowly integrate and tailor exercises to suit your individual needs. This active component is usually the defining factor in whether your condition will reoccur.

Kinesio TapingKinesio Taping

A supportive treatment where flexible, water-resistant tape is used to provide enhanced position sense, or proprioception in order to encourage patients to adopt a more biomechanically effective movement pattern to promote better function.