Your First Visit

The Health Box - First Visitfirst visitYour first visit with our Chiropractor Dr. Jonathan Leung in Markham or Toronto will begin with a comprehensive health history.  This begins as you first enter the clinic and fill out the appropriate intake forms.  After this, the doctor will assess your overall health by asking you questions to fully address your physical, mental, and social health.

After the history, a physical examination is conducted to determine which musculoskeletal structures are affected.  This includes the muscles, joints, nerves and fascia.  The exam is composed of assessing your range of motion, posture, mobility, strength, orthopedic tests, and reflex, sensory and motor testing.  If required, referral may be made for further testing.

After obtaining this information the doctor will create a diagnosis, establish goals based on your needs and construct an individualized treatment plan to help you attain your goals.  A report of findings is conducted where the doctor provides a thorough explanation of the diagnosis and proposed treatment plan.

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